Confidential Reporting Options

Survivor Advocates

Survivor Advocacy
(520) 621-5767

Student Legal Services Counsel

Student Legal Services
Free legal advice available to currently enrolled UA students
(520) 621-2782
* (cannot provide legal advice if the perpetrator is actively enrolled in classes at UA)

Counseling and Psych Services

Oasis Program Against Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence
(on-campus confidential & counseling support
(520) 621-3334

University Complaints & Reports

Dean of Students Office

(520) 621-7057

Office of Institutional Equity 
(520) 621-9449 

Criminal Complaints & Reports

University of Arizona Police Department
9-1-1 (emergency, on campus)
(520) 621-8273 (non-emergency)
Note: If a crime occurred outside the jurisdictional responsibility of UAPD, the Department will assist the survivor with notification and reporting to the proper law enforcement agency.

Tucson Police Department
9-1-1 (emergency, off campus)
(520) 791-5700 (non-emergency)

Pima County Sheriff's Department
9-1-1 (emergency, off campus)
(520) 351-4900
Note: The Pima County Sheriff's Department serves the unincorporated areas of Pima County.