Believe. Empower. Advocate.

we believe you.
You can be assured that if you chose to receive support through a confidential advocate we will believe you.

It’s not your fault.
If you are a survivor of sexual or gender-based violence and someone has harmed you, it is not your fault.

ASK for help- We offer support and services for survivors.
We are here to help you get connected to resources both on and off campus. You can meet with any of our advocates to talk about your options and how we can best support you. You may or may not want to report the incident and that choice is up to you. Either way, we encourage you to take advantage of support services available both on and off campus.

Take time to take care of yourself.
You may be experiencing a mix of emotions both physically and emotionally. For your safety and well-being you may want to seek medical attention.  You can choose to go to Campus Health or Counseling and Psychiatric Services for care or if you are having difficulty sleeping, eating, feeling anxious, or would like to speak about your experience in a confidential setting. An advocate from the Survivor Advocacy program can support and accompany you.

You are not responsible for the perpetrators' actions.
The violence of others is not the responsibility or fault of those impacted by it.